Portland Bill Lighthouse has been standing majestically for the past one hundred and fourteen years at a height of 41 metres (135 ft).  The distinctive red and white tower first shone its famous four flashes of light every twenty seconds on 11 January 1906 and had a range of 25 nautical miles which has guided passing vessels through the hazardous waters around Portland Bill as well as acting as a warning for ships navigating the English Channel. The station was re-engineered in 2019 and the optic has been removed from the lantern room and re-erected in the tower base as a display. The range of light is now 18 nautical miles.

A fishing crane,which is known as Red Crane, is situated on the cliff edge at Portland Bill.

Pulpit Rock is an artificial stack of rock that was formed in the 1870s by quarrying operations at the Bill.


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